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Those tables turned pretty quickly.
Posted July 15, 2015 at 1:05 pm
So, this page turned out neat. Very dark, but it's nighttime, so. I like this page, because I know what happens next and no one else does. (No, that's a lie, because I've unloaded this story on at least 5 other people to tell me if it makes sense/is good or not, so if they remember, then they also likely know what happens next.) Awhile ago, somebody asked me if the werewolves were going to change farther than just the ears and hands. And now I can say, yes! Surprise! Malaya obviously has some tricks up her sleeve that she wasn't aware of. And Aubry isn't aware of, either. If you're wondering what's her deal, there's a coda to this chapter that introduces where she comes into things. In the meantime, WEREWOLVES.