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Too bad you can't put "werewolf diplomat" on your resume.
Posted October 4, 2016 at 2:03 pm
Okay! Please vote for me over at TPC today :D. You can see a very, very in progress panel from tomorrow's comic if you do! I'm still pretty far down because it's the first week of the month, but I get a lot of hits from that site. So, I've been busting ass to get this page done lol. I don't even think it's so much that I'm behind on my regular work patterns as this page has...six people in it. Most of whom I had to go back and reference how to draw from ten pages ago! I've hit this point lately where my art skills are leveling up, and that slows me down so much O_O. Anytime you're working really hard at a skill for a long time, there's this wave that you ride where your perception increases faster than your actual skill level. So all of the sudden, you know that something doesn't look correct, but it takes you longer to fix it because you haven't actually figured out WHAT looks wrong yet. I've spent a lot of time studying the anatomy of the head this week. Ugh. Anyway, Elias tries one last time to use reason before he beats everyone up again. Considering he grew up mostly in the role as his mom's right-hand man, it makes sense that he tries to use his words first. Unfortunately, this other group isn't so interested in what he has to say, because they've mostly gotten on board with Aubrey's message and realize that they don't have a lot of other options. I never really set out to make this other group of werewolves all that sympathetic, but I think it's in my DNA. I just assume that you only do bad things to other people because you're either a real asshole, or you don't have many choices. Obviously, usually it's column A and you're just a dick. But circumstance will make you do crazy things for reasons that seem easy enough to justify. Plus, writing a whole pack of werewolves who are just huge assholes seemed kind of boring. Ginger has nothing to say, because Ginger is only vaguely on board with any of this, and mostly just goes along with what everyone else is doing. Man, I need to make a new character page so you guys can more easily reference who all these people are. If it makes you feel better, I keep forgetting Marcus's name. I have inadvertently named so many people with M names (I just fucking love M names, I guess) that my brain resists the fact that I named one more character with a damn M name. If I introduce one more new character whose name starts with M, please reach through the computer and slap me. Thanks! Okay, almost done rambling, but I just wanted to say that I started watching Xena a few weeks ago. It's fucking weird. It was weird when I was a kid, but I didn't notice it half the time. As an adult, it's fucking weird. I just watched an episode where Lucy Lawless (fantastic name, damn) played three different characters, and the whole episode culminated in the SECOND fight of the series that involved recklessly fighting while throwing a baby around. WHAT?! HOW?! That's not a thing! And then, for emotional whiplash, the next episode is all dark and emotional about Xena's guilt at killing someone. This show must have been a hoot to write for. All right, off to finish the next page because I am hella behind. Sorry! I'm getting there, though.