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You make a better were-door than a were-window.
Posted October 5, 2016 at 1:33 pm
Yay! I made it back into the 20s over at TPC. I would really really like to break into the top 10! It's a bit of a pipe dream, but if you could vote for me, that'd be super cool :D. Thumbnails from this week's pages for your troubles. Fun game: I'm going to try and do a Halloween drawing for this year. Tell me who you think everyone should be for Halloween! I probably don't have time to draw the entire cast, but I don't have enough ideas in my brain for this many characters! The first two panels of today's page look like a werewolf dance battle. If comics had soundtracks, it would absolutely be a werewolf dance battle. Don't ever let me get my hands on something filmed with a big budget, because I have no qualms about throwing every super indulgent trope into something if I can. (In reality, it's just that posing this many damn characters on a page means you have to get a little creative to fit everyone in.) Anyway, Elias has officially had enough of this shit and he's out. There's probably a lot of communication that could go here, but no one involved is really that interested in talking it out. Oh well! I guess we'll have to resolve things a different way. (Werewolf dance battle.) I'm stupid proud of that damn house in the background. THREE POINT PERSPECTIVE BITCHES. I ended up using Thomas Romain's technique of taking a flat drawing and skewing the perspective and then projecting various parts out from there. The side of the house was referenced from an old Victorian blueprint drawing, because I have no idea what the side of a Victorian house would normally look like, at least not a house of this scale. Side note, one of the weirder parts of living in Indiana and being surrounded by farm country on all sides (I do not live in farm country, but it's between every town basically) is that you see a lot of these big mansions in the middle of nowhere, basically. Back in the day, if you owned enough land to be a fairly wealthy farmer, I guess you didn't skimp on the details. There are some really, really beautiful Victorian homes in some of the smaller towns around me. There's a couple in my town, too, but not of the scale you usually see out in the country. In real life news, I hope we all survived the Vice Presidential debates in good health. As Mike Pence is my (technically former now) governor, I fucking hate the guy with a burning passion. I only caught part of the debate, but I can't listen to Pence for too long without wanting to jump out a window. The Hate Meter on my tiny human body is already dangerously high, so I gotta be careful. Okay, I'm off to mow the lawn, provided I can figure out how to get my lawn mower out of its prison in the garage. Fairly certain it's trapped by some pallets of hardwood flooring. Sigh.