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Don't get too close
Posted November 15, 2017 at 12:56 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see this week AND next week's thumbnails, in case you wanna try and figure out what happens based on a bunch of incoherent stick figures :D :D :D It's always hard to figure out how to balance the appropriate amount of sneaking before something happens, because I try to pace everything based on if you were reading this in a book or in one sitting, rather than page by page. This feels like enough sneaking, though! We've argued while running, we've come to some emotional conclusions while standing around, and now we've wandered in the yard for two pages and found our target. Huzzah! Now things can actually happen, which I'm looking forward to. I am suuuuper looking forward to writing next chapter. I always get antsy near the end of a chapter, because I want to explore what happens next already! Making things takes too long. I still have a few things to consider in terms of the order of events, but overall, I have a lot of things to shove in there. Somewhere between chapter 5 and now, I forgot how to write little chapters. This time last year, I was just finishing up the fight scene in Chapter 6! I think this chapter has worked out well, though. It started with Elias recounting his conversation with his mom, it's finishing with that same conversation being resolved. Malaya started off worried about the world of possibilities that would open up from going shopping and accepting that she could leave the house, and she overcame those fears mostly. And we figured out more of the issues surrounding Connie! Soooo next chapter I can finally wrap up a few more things :D. And there's another big reveal in next week's pages, so that'll be cool. The weather is super gross outside, and I had planned to set aside time to actually leave the house and have an adventure today, buuuuut it's cold and rainy and dark. Hm. I really do need to force myself to get the fuck away from my computer and drawing for awhile, though. We'll see.