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Very convenient elaborate bread
Posted June 14, 2017 at 1:26 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the original thumbnails for this page. The 3rd and 4th panels were originally one panel featuring everyone staring at a fountain, but I realized I needed to shove one more pretzel place in here to sell the pretzel joke. (Rule of 3s, everything is funnier in 3s.) Reminder! I've opened a Society6 shop for some merch if you're interested :). I just got my order and the quality is pretty good! I ended up making some minor tweaks to the Queer and Here design so it would print better on shirts, though. Now I just have to find a frame for my damn print because it's huge O_O. Anyway, there's some gay stuff and also some HTBAW stuff and also some mermaid stuff. They'll probably have another sale this weekend for Father's Day, too. WELL THIS TOOK LONG ENOUGH. The first panel of the mall was heeeavvily referenced/vaguely traced from a good photo I found online. (Once shit gets this complex, I think tracing is legit.) The third panel is a reference to the museum scene in Ferris Bueller, just because. (Filmed at the Art Institute in Chicago, which is a fantastic museum, and I've been in front of those paintings on a regular basis all my life, so Ferris Bueller always has a place in my heart.) I don't usually put anything sexy in this comic, because something something male gaze something something female exploitation in media something something, but it's rare enough to see the lesbian female gaze that I went for it. (Though, realistically, they'd probably be admiring a female soccer player on a display at the Nike store.) (Plus, the joke that no one else in this scenario is as interested in the buxom lingerie model as the two women.) I could write a whole god damn essay about the weird conflicting issues with the typical male gaze that most advertisements are filtered through and the lesbian gaze. Hell, for a long time, I couldn't figure out if I was queer just because it's so normal to see women scantily clad in media and ads. Like, okay, yes, that's attractive...but it's not meant for ME, and she's not sexy in a way that I'd be interested in, so maybe I'm not interested in women so much as overexposed to sexy ladies? But no, I'm very much into ladies. Anyway, you'll find a lot of the same sentiment with other queer women, especially if they're attracted more to the femme end of the spectrum. It's weird. In related news, I saw Wonder Woman last night and it cured all my current and future ailments. My skin is clear, my allergies are gone...it was amazing.