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Let the shopping montage begin!
Posted June 20, 2017 at 1:29 pm
Check out the best sibling panel from tomorrow's page over at TWC :D. Also, it's my mom's birthday, so you'll cheer me up if you vote lol Thus, we begin our shopping montage. If your outfit got picked from the fashion contest, don't freak out if you don't see it represented this week :). I'll be going back and forth between story and shopping so we don't all get bored and confused. It was actually pretty fun figuring out how all this stuff worked together, because as I kept messing with these pages and writing the pages that come afterwards, I ended up with a cute narrative that I wasn't expecting, so that'll be neat. (And pretty soon, I get to gay up this chapter like crazy, and I'm way looking forward to that finally XD) I've made a few modifications to some of the outfits while still keeping true to the original designs as much as possible! I couldn't tell with the first dress if it should be a jacket or a cardigan, so I went jacket because that'll likely show up again and it looks cute. And I put some rips in Marisa's shorts because that would be her jam. You'll have to excuse the subtle boobs-n-butt pose in the 4th panel, because I wanted to get the rainbow heart in there while still maximizing adorableness. (I can twist that far, so I feel like this is a fair use of a pose that usually breaks a few spines.) These pages have been kicking my ass, and so are my sinuses this morning, so I'm gonna go fight with tomorrow's page so I can chill out early today :D.