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Vincent doesn't live for danger
Posted June 13, 2018 at 1:13 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the only panel worth showing from next the sketches for next week's page, because I only have a few done so far yay! I reeeeally like this page. Partially because I just enjoy Vincent deadpanning how much he doesn't want to be murdered, and partially because I finally got to bring up his damn scars again. (With a side of fanservice, because why not.) I think most of the time that went into these pages just went towards having to reference the hell out of everything. What does a baseball diamond look like? What does it look like at this angle and that angle? What does a pitch look like? What does hitting the ball look like? Sports are hard. I have looked at a ton of photos. This scene wasn't originally supposed to feature baseball, but I'm glad that idea came to me, because I'm happy with the end result. The alternative is they were just going to sit around eating lunch, and I hate drawing food, so this is much better. Anyway, a cool part about joining Hiveworks (which happened last month if you missed it!) is that my website is going to get redeveloped and relaunched, so that's cool. The new design should be more mobile-friendly, and possibly a bit faster. (I had to up my hosting plan, so I kind of look forward to being able to make someone else pay for the server load and dropping my hosting plan back down to keep this site around as a backup in case something happens to Hiveworks or whatever.) So far, it looks pretty neat. One issue is that it won't run on Wordpress, so like I mentioned a bit ago, we're going to have to switch to Disqus comments. I know some people hate Disqus, and I don't blame you! I looked for alternatives, but there are no real winners there. And I know the lack of anonymous options are a big detractor for some of you, and I get that, but that's an option I wouldn't mind doing without. The only thing I have from people who show up and wanna cause problems is their IP address, so I can ban that, but that's the most moderation I have access to through Wordpress. It'll be nice to have more moderation tools, honestly. And we can post gifs and images or whatever, and that'd be nice. There's a way to add that to Wordpress comments, but it was a third party plugin that wasn't well reviewed. Also, if you use the subscribe option in the sidebar, I'll be moving all those emails over to MailChimp instead. I assume you guys just get a basic email saying an update has posted? So I'll have to manually do that now, but maybe I can spice it up a bit from whatever Wordpress sends out, who knows. Not sure the timeline for the relaunch, but probably another month or so :).