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Werewolf babies are better than normal babies.
Posted April 4, 2018 at 1:47 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Charlene and Malaya's feelings about...all this. Pages that switch locations and times drive me nuts, because I have to figure out how to make everything look cohesive in totally different spaces! I think this gelled in the end, though. I haven't shown Connie/Flora making any sort of magic swirlies like Marisa does (Charlene mostly produces a pink cloud that turns into things), but I thought some magic glowing vines would be appropriate for spells she casts that don't involve making more plants grown. And she's bleeding again, but we'll get back to that here soon. Trust me, I have thought of just about every damn thing I can that needs explaining in here, except for the few things I'm leaving up in the air for the future. We've got about another ten or eleven pages and this whole flashback/exposition/magic is weird segment will be done! And then on to a couple cute scenes before we get into the second half of this chapter and finally explain why Ginger is floating around in the chapter cover. SO MUCH. We're all trapped here forever, but at least we're together. Another announcement that I'll be at C2E2 on Friday-Sunday in Chicago! I'll have the first two issues available for sale (chapters 1-3), plus prints and these neat holographic sticker sheets. Come swing by and see me, and if I have no idea who you are based on your username, don't feel bad. If you're face isn't literally your avatar, I have a poor ability to remember your name. Or your face, honestly. I'm bad at remembering anyone who's not my dog.