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Sorry lady, the earth hates you.
Posted April 10, 2018 at 1:52 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Elias's very reasonable reaction to the last panel of today's page! I have a bunch of comments to go through and reply to from last week's pages, and I will do that! But I had to let comments fall to the wayside last week, because I just attended my first convention :D. C2E2 in Chicago was really fun! It was also a ton of work, a lot of sitting around, and mentally super taxing. I did make enough money to pay off the cost of the table and some (most?) of the merch I created for the convention, so that's pretty cool! And I still have some prints and whatnot left that I can sell in the future. I will try and open up a small online store so you guys can buy stuff from me, because I have a bunch of sparkly sticker sheets left and they're very cute :). But yeah, still recovering. I've slept GREAT the last few days, though. And today, I'm off to buy some roller skates to reward myself for enduring three days surrounded by strangers and intense socialization. So I'll get to those comments! But probably later lol. I had to go through and clarify some of the narration on this page to hopefully clarify the last page. Basically, figure that Connie/Flora went into magical debt. She took what she could get out of the earth until she got cut off for never paying anything back, then she got some from Ziva, and eventually cut into her own life force (thus the fact that she was running on less than fumes). Now, that debt is coming due and she's totally screwed, but grandma werewolf is still hanging around, sooooo...The fact that she's spending her magic and all the energy around her with abandon will come back around later, so all you need to understand from these pages is that she's been maxing out her magical credit cards left and right, but bankruptcy isn't an option here. And we'll get more explanation. So much explaining. I'll never explain so much again in my life. The only downside of this convention thing is that now it's much harder to get back into the swing of making pages again! The solitude is very nice, but I'm still recovering, so all I want to do is watch boring documentaries and play on my phone. I've been mainlining documentaries from the 90s that people have uploaded to Youtube about mummies and fossils and whatnot. As soon as I think I've run out of documentaries, someone has uploaded another obscure one. I have no idea where people are getting these things from, but they're great! I've learned that it's not terribly difficult to create a mummy naturally, given the right climate. Moisture is your enemy, basically. Also, they found the mummy of Ramses kickin' it in a curiosities shop near Niagara Falls, so that's pretty cool for him. He got sent back to Egypt, but I bet Niagara Falls is a lot farther than he thought he'd ever travel.