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Werewolf furnace denied.
Posted December 8, 2015 at 12:00 pm
Go back a page and check out the cover for chapter 5 if you haven't! Elias looks quite good on it. Okay, so I honestly only added this page to establish what's going to happen in this chapter and because MarMar is cute. I feel like werewolves would run very warm. Even though everyone wore coats for the first few chapters, they probably didn't need them. I would imagine werewolf metabolism means everyone is just like, practically on fire but all the time. I ended up really liking this page! It had some challenges in terms of poses on the bed that I wasn't sure how to tackle at first, but turned out well. And as always, Marin's hair is a huge pain in the ass, but worth it. (And eventually there will be a chapter explaining why she keeps her hair so long...or something. Her chapter is down the line.) Marisa's hair got longer, I think, but I'm blaming it on trying to draw bed head on a faux hawk. I'm back to black and white for now. I might try coloring stuff more often after the holidays, but I looked at my life for the next few weeks and there's not time for color right now! While walking the dog the other day, I was thinking ahead to the second part of this story, which unfortunately for everyone else is a long way off, and I realized I had a really good plot point for Marin to be a lawyer. I'm not gonna lie, I made her a lawyer because a lesbian werewolf lawyer sounds awesome. But hey! I got lucky that being a lawyer turns out to be a really useful thing! WHO KNEW. I hate to say that I luck into my characters being relevant more often than I plan it that way. I feel like most authors luck into things more often than they'd admit. I'm posting this on Monday because I have to leave early in the morning for a work shift. So far tonight, I've baked chai cookies and now I'm making breaded green beans. The recipe calls them green bean fries. I just want to use them before they go bad and also because they sound good with ranch. And seeing as my eating habits are all weird and I ate lunch at 4pm, I think that'll do it for food today. I've had like, six cookies already anyway >_>.