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When couples are gross but you don't hate them
Posted July 19, 2017 at 1:27 pm
I put up a penciled panel from next week's page over at TWC, so now you can all guess WTF the MarMar origin story is. I have been waiting SO LONG to shove the backstory for Marin and Marisa into this comic somewhere, but the stakes have been too high up til now. (They're still kind of high for Aubrey, but until anyone figures out what to DO exactly, her pack are stuck inside a creepy house...we'll get back to all that soonish.) So, in the quiet before the storm, let's find out how these crazy kids met and why Marin is a werewolf. Then ya'll can stop asking me who these two ladies are who keep hugging in the background of this comic XD. (Granted, I mostly get that question over on webtoon, where they're just the "lgbt couple" lol.) We're also going back to before Marisa had pink hair, because everything gets an origin story of sorts. YOU get an origin story, and YOU get an origin story, and YOU get an origin story! Less taxes to pay than getting a car from Oprah, I guess. I still have to go through all the comments from yesterday, but I was home for like, an hour on Tuesday. Well, more than that...but it just wound up being a really freaking busy day somehow! (WHY???) Today's goals are mostly focused on yard work, because I gotta get this front flower bed finished before I have to mow the lawn again or it'll be a big pain in the ass for various reasons. New flower bed, yay! But only because the soil there is so shitty and there's no sun, so I need to do something other than weedy grass.