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I'm not giving up on pretzels.
Posted July 18, 2017 at 2:03 pm
Vote over at TWC, and you can see a panel that establishes the rest of what this chapter is going to be about yayyyy! This chapter is already 45 pages. Last chapter was 87 pages. I think...I can fit the rest of this chapter into 40~ pages. IDK. I gave up trying to keep chapters a reasonable length awhile ago. I chop them off when thematically, it feels like the next part is disconnected enough. I know where I want to start the next chapter, but I have some wiggle room on the exact end of this one. Anyway, it's arbitrary. Ya'll don't really mind if each chapter runs long, right? ;) So, normally, you only see dead areas in malls that are floundering, and this mall is doing pretty well, so I've decided they're renovating. Seems plausible. Also, I totally know she's switched pretzel hands in those bottom panels. Roll with it because it looks better. Drawing hands holding pretzels is difficult, because there is like, no reference for that except for some German ladies holding GIGANTIC pretzels on image search. I need sad mall pretzels, damn it. (I want a pretzel.) I've actually been working ahead a little bit, thanks to only posting one page on my birthday. Man, that helps! I'm not used to the work flow, though. I liked having regimented days for each task, because it forced me to complete things, but since I'm ahead, my brain is like, "Hey, why don't you wander off and get lunch somewhere really far out of the way and then go shopping for plants and maybe do some yard work and what's the status of your laundry lately?" Given things on my to do list, I will attempt to do all of them simultaneously while also wandering off mid-day to spend money I don't need to be spending. I did find a really sweet cast iron book stand at the antique mall the other day for only $15, so whatever, I win in the end regardless. Today I start therapy! Again! I haven't done it in about four years, and since I'm overall in a good place, I need to iron out some head wrinkles. I think the lady I was assigned is Polish? IDK, I can't pronounce her name, but I hope she's prepared for me to unload like 30+ years of tragic backstory, most of which I remember WAY too well and would like to forget entirely. YAY TRAUMA! Anyway, that'll be good. Therapy is like being punched in the stomach, but you're grateful for it later?