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When having supernatural senses becomes super annoying
Posted July 11, 2017 at 2:32 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Malaya's manicure getting out of control in tomorrow's page :) Thanks for putting up with my brief break from my birthday, everybody! It helped me a lot! Now I'm actually slightly ahead, and while I doubt this buffer will last long, it feels good. It's nice not having to bust my ass quite so hard to get everything finished in time for posting :). Well, this comic's not too frequent with giant werewolf throw downs, but I think I've got "every day life as a werewolf probably kind of blows" covered as a narrative :D. As a person who gets overloaded by lots of noise and smells and whatnot after awhile, I feel like this page is a great representation of what happens when you take me to a party. Being highly sensitive has its positives and negatives. I decided to go for a monotone look on this page, so that it felt more focused on Malaya experiencing all these things, rather than the focus drifting to everything around her. I haven't actually colored anything that way since I was still doing this comic in black and white, and my brain wasn't sure what I was trying to do for awhile there. I think I won. I've not been pushing myself as hard with the coloring lately, just because it's easier to establish one palette for everyone in the scene and stick with it and not change ever, but I'm trying to trick my brain into thinking harder about color. With this many characters in one scene, there's only so much color harmony you can really come by without everyone dressing in coordinating colors like a church group at Disneyland. Anyway, so far, so good. Okay, I'm going to go plow through coloring the backgrounds for the next few pages because I'm a bit behind today already, but I'll see you guys tomorrow :D :D :D