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Werewolf stamina?
Posted July 4, 2017 at 1:16 pm
Vote over at Top Web Comics and you can get last month's Patreon wallpaper! Or, just vote in general because it helps me out a lot :D WOO! More outfits! We're...almost done. I have two left, and they'll be near the end of this scene/chapter. Apologies in advance for the wait, but I needed them for the end of the story. That last outfit gets the distinction of two panels, because I needed to show off the design on the back. I'll be making that last panel into a wallpaper for Patreon, I think, because I like how it turned out. I tried making the necklace in the fourth panel a bit bigger, but you can really only see the paw design in the 300 dpi version :|. But hey, that's an incentive to sign up for the $5+ tiers on my Patreon ;). Speaking of Patreon, if you're interested in writing advice or just my writing process in general, I've been posting a bunch of junk on Patreon for $2+. So far, I've done a couple posts on how to build realistic and engaging characters, and yesterday, I posted a long post about writing dialog that doesn't suck. (This page is not like, a great example of that, but it's a shopping montage so these people shouldn't be having conversations in a montage anyway.) This is the only page I'll be posting this week, because tomorrow is my birthday! And as such, I'm taking the day off :). I'll be 32, and my only plans so far include going to Chicago and eating fancy tacos, maybe get a cupcake or something. Last year, I went to the beach. I don't have very exciting birthdays, but I think that's kind of my jam lol. My roommate gave me a banjo she found at the antique mall as my birthday present, so that's cool! I have to go find strings for it (though the old ones aren't...horrible), and then I've gotta learn to at least do some basics. After 12(?) years of playing the violin, the banjo doesn't seem all that daunting. It would be 21 years of playing violin, but let's be real...I really didn't through most of college and after college >_>. I did take lessons for one semester as a treat to myself, and my teacher was a fabulous Russian dude who really worked out 90% of the tuning accuracy issues my previous teachers never bothered to help me with. Totally worth it. Okay, I'll see you guys next week on our regular schedule! Please vote over at TWC and I'll be a year older when we meet again XD