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When you can't go forward, go sideways.
Posted October 11, 2016 at 1:23 pm
If you want to see our surprise guest for tomorrow's page, check out the incentive on TPC :D. It's probably not hard to guess lol. First off, I made an Instagram account just for this comic! I haven't posted anything yet, because I just made it while falling asleep on the couch last night, but it exists. I'll post in progress shots and my little update banners and stuff there. Honestly, I just wanted to save the instagram username while I could lol. Someone already took "howtobeawerewolf". And it's just some random dude posting his face! Don't follow him, follow me! :D So, normally this would be a really good spot for everyone to start werewolf fighting, but as you might have noticed, I can't stop myself from taking every opening for slapstick humor I can. I had to! Also, I hate when there's a clear escape path, and the protagonists act like they're backed into a corner. If you looked a few pages ago (Page 176), the road is right there! They just have to go to the right! So...we're gonna try that. It might not work! This wouldn't be an interesting comic if it did work >_>. No apologies for the blatant fanservice of Elias picking up Vincent one handed and throwing him over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. Vincent was clearly not expecting this rapid change of direction, but his puny human legs wouldn't have gotten them away fast enough. I had actually considered that at first, but I realized that logically, it wouldn't make sense. You can't tell the human to run, because he'll get left behind. You gotta pick him up and run for him! I'm about to faceplant into my desk, but I have to finish coloring tomorrow's page O_O. I woke up extra early today to get a bath and make tea because they turned my water off so my plumber can replace the main shut off valve the water line to my house. Or something. The thing you use to turn off the water to your house from inside...mine is old and useless. So it goes. So, now I'm very very sleepy and I have no water until late afternoon. Joy to the world. In TV news, I've been watching Xena. As of season two, I can officially understand why this show has gone down in queer history. They don't bother to hide it at all. There was a beauty pageant episode featuring a trans character, which was sort of wild. They had a few small jokes about it, but not the outrage/humiliation/blatant transphobia I would have normally expected from a show from the mid-90s. I'm not even sure if the character is officially trans or just considered a man dressing as a woman, but they're never presented as a man, and the character makes a point of saying Xena was born as a woman and wouldn't understand them. The part isn't overly campy like drag. So, all in all, I've been pleasantly surprised. Xena as a show is fucking weird overall, but this show would never get made today. Not because of the queerness, but because it so blatantly embraces its campiness that I can't imagine that in "the golden age of television," you could get away with a show that walked the line between comedy and drama so often. As much as I enjoy the current thought and production values being put into TV in the last few years, I think there needs to be room for shows that aren't sitcoms but also aren't strictly dramas. I need some lighthearted, low-budget, goofball fantasy. Not every show has to be Game of Thrones.