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When you turn back into a giant vaguely human monster so you're just human enough to sass back
Posted June 24, 2020 at 1:16 pm

I don't think I did the TWC vote thing right yesterday, but it was just Ziva sassing back. Today's incentive is a picture of Malaya I'm working on to replace Chapter 3's cover which I never liked that much lol

Important! My birthday is next weekend and I plan to take time off. Would you guys rather have two pages next week, and you get a big finale (before I wrap up the chapter, but it's definitely a finale) but I don't update at all the first week of July, OR one page next week and the finale the first week of July?

I had a lot of different ideas for this part of the story for the last few years. Should Ziva take her out? Should they fight? I decided that no, when Connie was finally weak enough that Ziva could get away without hurting Aubrey, that she'd just wander the fuck off. Because the real reason that Ziva didn't try harder to get away any earlier is that doing so would leave Aubrey (and the others, but she wasn't that attached to them tbh) to be sucked totally dry by Connie. Ziva being so old, and so werewolfy, has very little humanity left in her. She's pure instinct, and her last shred of humanity went towards keeping Aubrey somewhat protected. Now that Aubrey is free (for real this time), she's out. Off to dick around in werewolf retirement.

I wanted her to transform into her kind of human form for this last scene because it's like an extra fuck you to Connie. She finally has control over herself back, and Ziva's gonna use it to throw out the last bit of human words she remembers. Also, it looks cooler if you claw your way out of a vine prison with long creepy fingers.

Anyone else have a permanent sinus headache or are my allergies trying to kill me? 

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