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When you're the sober ones at the party
Posted February 18, 2020 at 11:19 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page!

Thank you everyone for letting me check out a bit these few weeks! I'm still bummed about losing my dog, but I'm doing okay overall. There will only be one page this week, and next week we'll be back to our regular schedule! I needed the time to catch up and breathe a little.

Also, if you're in or around Chicago, I'll be at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) at Artist Alley booth B-13 on February 28th, 29th, and March 1st. That's not a weird date at all! I'll have prints, stickers, random stuff and copies of the first two issues of HTBAW. (I'm next on the docket for Hiveworks to run a Kickstarter for the first volume, Ch 1-6, so look for that soon too.) Come see me and say hi! 

One of the interesting issues with writing a story about werewolves is that no one can talk once they've transformed. The obvious answer here is for Malaya to transform and Elias to uh, work on transforming as his strength comes back. But then no one can give running commentary! It's an odd challenge as a writer to figure out how to justify your characters not turning into giant wolf people in order to maintain a narrative, but so it goes. And as an artist, there's the odd challenge that both Malaya and Elias have fairly dark hair that doesn't stand out much when it's night time. Elias isn't as bad, but I've made a point of not doing shading and highlights on areas that are meant to be black (not sure why, I just like how it looks I guess), so Mal is just a giant dark spot on a dark background lol. Good thing we have the moon! I'll be using that a lot in this chapter, I think.

Thank you to all the new people who supported me on Patreon this month! It seems to help if I mention that here, so if you really like my comic, please consider supporting me on Patreon! There's a lot of stuff in my archives, including in progress pages, random ramblings and tutorials, artwork, high res files and chapter downloads.