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Who knows what auntie means.
Posted January 1, 2019 at 11:30 am

Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page! Also, it's the first of the month/year, so voting helps me extra :D

I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve! I watched tv and played on my phone while nursing my head cold. I also went out to get sushi earlier, which is always interesting when you're a lone person eating on a holiday. I got a hold of most of my friends, and they were all just staying in too, so I guess that this wasn't a particularly celebratory NYE for anyone I knew. Maybe yours went better! Here's to 2019, a year I assume will be a fucking crazy train from one end to the other. Hurray!

Welp, we have Marisa looking for answers, and Charlene also looking for answers, plus Charlene's family who are varying degrees of unhelpful. (Or are they?) Plus whoever Leslie is! Leslie is the reason that Charlene, Malaya, AND Elias can be out of the office (so to speak) for the day at the same time. Let's all hope she passed her Midterms.

Anyway, drawing this page ended up being kind of relaxing. I did most of the inking while listening to a podcast called The Dream, which is chronicling the rise of multi-level marketing companies/pyramid schemes in the US and why they're so hard to shut down in modern times. Very fascinating! And thorough! I do like that this podcast explores some of the reasons people join these companies, and a lot of times it's less to actually make money and more to have a sense of community with other people who are usually trapped at home with small children all day. I'm only about halfway done with the episodes, though. This head cold makes it hard to concentrate on things that need that much of my brain power. I finished coloring these pages while watching The Golden Girls on Hulu. I've never watched the beginning episodes, but holy shit, even the pilot was good. I'd give anything to have another older-women-centric sitcom on TV today, especially if it had as much bite to it as Golden Girls.