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Posted June 28, 2016 at 1:48 pm
First off, vote at TPC to see a small preview of how this all goes for Elias. Not reeeally enough for a spoiler, but maybe? Charlene begrudgingly accepts that she's not going to be able to stop this train, Marin is going to be watching her phone like a hawk, and Malaya has no idea what's going on right now. Elias is a very hopeful, upbeat guy...I'm sure everything will work out great! Or not. We'll find out tomorrow! (Or you can vote for me and guess!) I'm gonna reiterate that I'm super glad that I shoved this chapter into one chapter instead of my original plan of two. We've finally gotten past the initial set up stuff with Eli's mom and everyone's concern, so now we get to see what happens next! So many things. So many things happen next. Also, that last panel of Elias looks super cute, and I worked hard to keep him looking cute, because I started tweaking his face a bit at one point and had to close out and not save to get back to the original cuteness. I ruined him for a minute. I think I'm going to have to accept that when I've got this many people shoved into a page together, the colors are always going to be a bit bananas. I'll get the hang of this eventually. The page for tomorrow turned out great! So I do know how to color a page cohesively, just not when there's like, five people on said page who all have different color schemes that don't go together. Anyway, important thing! At some point, I'm going to have to take a week off. I know, I know, that sucks. But I'm putting down new floors in most of my house in the next month or so, and inevitably, my life is going to be uprooted at some point in there, and I can't really plan for when. (I'm at the mercy of my contractor and his bizarre schedule.) (The floors are solid red oak, not that pre-finished nonsense...it's going to be a very old school, almost utilitarian look, because that's how my house works.) If you'd be interested in doing a guest comic for me, email me at shawnlenore@gmail.com or use my contact form on this site. It can be related to How to be a Werewolf or not, it can be about werewolves or not, but it's gotta be safe for work. Before you send me something finished and done, please just email me your idea first so I know what I'm getting into. I can only take comics that are one page, not multiple pages, because I'm not sure I'll have space to post that many pages. The comic has to be no wider than 900px, height can be whatever works for you. I'm gonna say deadline for finished comics is August 15th, and I'll post them on whatever week I end up taking off on a first come, first post basis. Soooo email me or whatever. We'll see how this goes. In TV news, I've finished Lost Girl a few weeks ago, and I'm still sad that I'm done with that :p. I've been watching a lot of Anthony Bourdain's various shows on Netflix. I like Parts Unknown a lot, though I wish he'd feature more female chefs. Some of the dude chefs get a little insufferable. (I mean, fancy cooking isn't really for me anyway, so I guess I find most chefs probably pretty insufferable.) I like when he finds weird hole-in-the-wall places that's just like, someone's mom cooking up some bad ass comfort food. Otherwise, I finally started Star Trek: Enterprise. I...kind of hate it. I wish I didn't! I made it to the end of season 1 and then skipped over to watch The Next Generation instead. I've only finished maybe half of TNG, because I've been saving it. With the spring season of new TV largely over, now I'm left scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to watch while I work on the comic, and I saved TNG for just such an occasion. There are some shows that just aren't compatible with working, like the X-Files. I can't tell the voices of all the old white dudes apart, so I spent a lot of time very confused about what weird conspiracies were going on at any given time. When you're not actively watching the show, you still have to be able to follow along. I've also watched like, every documentary I can find. Those are easy to work to unless they contain a lot of foreign languages and subtitles. I can't exactly read and draw at the same time. The food ones are the most interesting, especially the ones about how the sugar industry is killing us all. The last one I watched I DID NOT AGREE WITH AT ALL though. It started out fine, then devolved into how you should just juice a shitload of vegetables and some fruit and just drink nothing but that to "detox" your body, and just supplement that with vitamins. Um...no. Maybe if you have serious food addictions and need to break the cycle and thus need a really regimented diet for awhile, but overall, that sounds like a recipe for disordered eating. There's a reason you're supposed to eat your damn food. Certain vegetables only release their real nutritional benefits when cooked, for example. Also, your body really really needs the fiber in those vegetables in order to function. Just turning it all into a thick liquid isn't enough. Yes, it's much more difficult to cook food than it is to shove it into a juicer. If juicing is the gateway into healthy eating, then go for it. But it should be supplemented by a diet low to moderate in unhealthy fats and sugars, not as a standalone. This documentary started going into how the mercury in the fillings in your teeth is poisoning your body, so I don't give it a lot of credence.