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I've made a huge mistake.
Posted June 29, 2016 at 1:51 pm
Sorry, I just finished watching Arrested Development again. Cue "The Sound of Silence" as Elias contemplates his choices. If you jump over to TPC and vote, you can see the thumbnail for this page, which is very slightly different. I added the THUD panel because I realized that sound effect wouldn't make sense on the last panel because the action was already completed. Welp, a lot of people have been asking about Vincent and Elias and their future potential, so I wrote a whole chapter to throw them into a basement together. You're welcome! Time to get our awkward conversation on. You thought I was gonna show a werewolf throwdown already? Nah, we're gonna save that. We're gonna keep saving that. It's gonna be special, my friends. Special announcement for anyone who's been looking to commission me, I've created a tier through Patreon for color commissions. Limited to three slots at a time, and the details are there. It's $60, and I understand that you'll probably only be down to support me at that level for a short time, which is fine. It's easier to keep payment through Patreon (and taxes, etc) rather than set things up through Paypal or whatever. Overall, I really like this page! I chose a very restricted palette and worked within that, and it came out pretty solid, I think. It's much less complicated with two characters and a dark background than five characters in a well lit room. The problem I'm generally running into is that obviously in an animated show, for instance, characters usually have very set color palettes. You're not going to have time to go scene by scene with your team overseas and tell them how to adjust color for every scene, so usually you have a regular palette and a night palette, and maybe specialty palettes for certain important scenes. (And if it hasn't been obvious, I majored in animation and my point of reference is animation.) In a comic, I can do whatever the hell I want. The best result is that you want your character to part of your background, and be colored in a manor that complements the background, so you have to localize their standard colors to the general palette of the page. Thus, in the previous pages, Elias's shirt was almost orange, and here it's more maroon/pink. (His actual shirt color is dark red and light grey.) With one person, that's fine. With a whole cast...that's more brain-hurty. I'll feel more comfortable with it one day! For reference, the palette for this page is basically orange and variations on a purple-blue. Some fun notes on the basement in that last panel...it's inspired by my own (much cleaner) basement. When my parents bought my house, the basement was basically a treasure chest of all the ancient junk of the previous 100 years worth of owners. My mother finally succeeded in cleaning it out like a year before she died. (I think she started a lot of projects to keep her mind off her cancer, which I also do when I'm stressed, so it runs in the family.) She found a whole bunch of antique Ball jars from the guy who ran a grocery store out of my house. Also, a bunch of old old frames which she had mirrors put into (and I still have). The bed I grew up sleeping in (and still sleep in, like a weirdo, but I love it) is an antique from the basement. There was also a lot of corn cobs down there? IDK. My basement is called a Michigan Style basement, which doesn't give a lot of results when you google it. The floor is dirt...like actual soil, not concrete. In most places, it's maybe 5.5' high, so I can walk around fine, except a few spots I have to stoop over. My foundation is layers and layers of bricks and mortar (very sturdy!), and up against it, there's like...mounds of dirt that are flat on top like a shelf, maybe a few feet deep. So basically, there's a shelf all the way around the walls in my basement. One area is a little more "finished" and the shelf areas are covered with concrete (maybe plaster, actually?) in some spots. I don't know why, but that area is "newer" than the rest of the house. I'll take some photos and throw them up on twitter later today. You can see where I keep all my coal! (I don't have any use for the coal, but I'm not going to haul it out of the basement for no reason.)