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You know, werewolf stuff.
Posted January 16, 2018 at 1:50 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page of Eli lookin' cute and stuff. What's up with this page??? Other than that Elias has a very small personal bubble. We'll come back to all this, but just file away Mal's discomfort with actual werewolf training for later. It occurs to me that I've got a fuckload of stuff to shove into this chapter. Hm. Oh well! I've got a plan. It's a little all over the place, but that's fine. It aaaaalll makes sense in my brain. Kind of. I am so tired! I meant to have this page up a lot sooner, but I have the focus of a toddler today. I'm sitting here typing with breakfast sitting in front of me, not eating it, despite the fact that it's almost noon. I also woke up late because my phone died...because I never charged it yesterday. Winter sure is fun! I'll feel like a normal person again in...May. Maybe June, who knows. My brain is really fighting for total hibernation, but I guess human evolution hasn't gotten us there yet. Boo hiss. Side note, I spent a long damn time trying to figure out how to draw Elias's punching arm, but I'm quite proud of it. I've been trying to actually learn the arm muscles instead of just the indicators of the arm muscles (bulgey part here, pointy part here, bulgey part here, some lines here, etc). Arms kind of blow, because you've got all these damn muscles on top of each other, and they ROTATE and CONTRACT and EXPAND because your arm has so much range of movement. But they don't all act the same way at the same time. I imagine my ability to actually focus on that won't last long enough to full remember all of it, but a little progress here and there is enough. I don't particularly like the look of super defined muscles ala superhero books, because that's just not a very natural thing you see in people all that often. There are people with that kind of physique, but they stand out, almost like seeing someone with tattoos head-to-toe. You notice them. I can't imagine Bruce Wayne wants to look like someone from Muscle Beach, if only because that makes keeping Batman on the down low that much harder. You can still be incredibly strong without that level of bulk, like dancers or a lot of Olympians. Plus, Gotham City is theoretically really cold, so Batman could use a little pudge here and there to keep warm in that Batman costume. Okay, my brain has wandered off on me, which means it's time to eat breakfast finally and then just...stare at the wall or something.