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If I could choose, I'd choose not to have anxiety
Posted January 10, 2018 at 12:35 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see Malaya upping the ante on "uncomfortable questions while filling sugar dispensers" time. One of the odd things about having a webcomic is that it's hard to say how much anyone will retain after reading 300+ pages, regardless of whether they read them all in one sitting, or over the course of almost three years, so I figured that while Charlene was tripping balls on spiritually potent coffee mug in the broom closet, we should take some time to review Malaya's anxiety issues real quick! She did explain all this jazz to Elias back in chapter 2, but now that he's witnessed food services first hand for himself, I think he'd have a slightly different take on "what do you mean you're not murdering customers left and right with your giant werewolf teeth???" And here we are. Also, explaining anxiety to people who don't have anxiety is super strange, so the more you understand that our girl has mental health issues, the more most of this comic will make sense, I hope? Yes, there is the werewolf thing, and not wanting to kill people thing, as spawned somewhat by hurting her brother as a child, but as time goes on, it'll seem more irrational that she still holds onto those fears. The whole werewolf thing is a metaphor for fear of your true self, etc. They are literal werewolves, sure, but from like, a literary perspective...it's a whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing. But with werewolves. Anyway, I got a bunch of comments yesterday, which is awesome! And I can tell by my site stats that I have a bunch of new readers, so welcome! And a few new patrons over at Patreon, which is awesome and thank you. I'll try to plow through those comments tomorrow, probably, but I'm taking a day off today! Sort of. I have a graphic design thing to do really quickly, but otherwise! Day off! Much needed! Not sure what a day off actually is. I guess I get to play games on my phone and watch TV on the couch, maybe? If it were summer, I'd do stuff. But it's winter and kind of sloshy and gross outside, so I'll probably just go pick up some cat food and maybe get lunch somewhere. So exciting! But I've been drawing like a motherfucker lately and I can tell my brain needs a recharge. Sorry, brain! I'll have actual free time in...June. Maybe.