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You really think he could just stand there forever?
Posted November 23, 2016 at 2:23 pm
Today's voting incentive is the wacky scribbles that turned into today's page! ...Did you guys really think Vincent wasn't going to get hurt in all this? He was just going to stand there, page after page, and not be affected? Nope! He's boned. Or he is on this page, at least! If you compare that last panel to the thumbnails, you can see that I had to change up that last panel for clarity. Also, the original looked pretty romantic lol. This isn't the fun kind of having another person on top of you, unfortunately. This page ended up kind of interesting as far as planning. In the previous page with Vincent, Tim is off to the left. So, it makes sense to have him come in from the left. But then, in switching to Tim's perspective, we're now behind Vincent (who's on the right of the panels, so that's at least consistent), which means that Tim is technically coming in from the far right, off panel. In terms of visual clarity, it then makes sense that he tackles Vincent to the left, and maintains the flow of the page. Basically, I had to break the 180 degree rule with that second panel to make this page work, but I think it does, still. Comics, as I've said before, generally have to be composed as a whole page, not individual panels, so it's always a challenge to figure out how to make that work in a way that's easy to understand :). Well, I finally had to kill of that thread from a few days ago, because it basically just devolved into people calling me a racist against white people, even days later lol. I get the anger, I do. And I prepared this whole thing trying to educate people on the nuances between racism, prejudice, and bigotry, but then I finally decided that I don't want to keep taking this comic off topic over and over again because some people won't educate themselves beyond their own current understanding. So, probably later, I'll post that whole thing I wrote up to tumblr if anyone is interested in a few resources that explain the differences in a way that's pretty straightforward. Please see my comment policy if you're looking to rant at me some more! Or preferably, just email me :). I offer this comic to everyone for free, and you're not obligated to read it! And I don't mind if you don't want to read it because you don't agree with my politics! So, just remember, you're in my house :). And hey, just because you're queer, and I'm writing a queer comic, and I'm queer (not an ally here, kids, but actually gay, thanks!), doesn't mean I'm obligated to cater to you or your viewpoint on the subject of race or politics. Just a head's up!