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You're not using your life force, right?
Posted August 21, 2018 at 3:18 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel I'm working on for tomorrow! Needs more glowy effects. Sorry I'm running a bit late with today's update, I spent the morning getting my teeth cleaned. It's important to take care of the bones we wear on the outside of our body. Or in our mouth. Whatever, teeth are creepy, but I still have all mine and they're in good shape. I had a different hygienist today from my usual one, and she was listening to a very weird radio station of...show tunes, I think. It skipped from Les Mis to Alvin and the Chipmunks, so that kept things interesting. We're very close to the end of the chapter! I think I will probably take a week off after this chapter, both because I need to finish the new chapter cover and because my brain is fried and I'm tired :D. I know the general layout of Chapter 9, but I need to nail down some of the specifics and give it more of an arc. (Versus just...stuff that happens.) But Chapter 9 will mostly focus on Elias and Vincent, so I know that'll be fun for everyone lol. Mal has stuff to do, but she's mostly going to be separate. It's just a weird thing to write Chapter 9, because we're now done with the exposition for this story. Connie's flashback was pretty much the end of it, and then filling in some details about Charlene kind of capped it off. So the next chapter is really setting up to finish up the first arc of this story and move into the second arc, but until I sit my ash down and organize my thoughts better, I'll just be sitting here feeling confused about how to put the pieces together. There's at least another six or eight pages after this, though. I'm going to try and make it eight, just because I feel like six more pages is wrapping things up too quickly. Also, please assume the reason a character might look different from their last appearance is just that I forgot how to draw them in the meantime and that I've had to plow through these pages pretty quickly lol. The backgrounds are easy, but drawing this many characters and all this magic takes way longer than most pages. Ginger keeps going off model in particular, but it's mostly because I have to keep resizing her to fit with how tall Marcus is. On the next page, there's a panel where she was WAY too small compared to him, and I didn't realize it until I was almost done with the page. She's short, but she's not a toy poodle.