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Here's a spell for your spell
Posted August 15, 2018 at 3:26 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails for this week and next week. See if you can parse my squiggles out into anything that makes sense! Sorry it took me longer to get this up today! I've been a space case all morning. I think my brain is just fried in general and I need a vacation, buuuuut don't know when I'll get one of those anytime soon. This week's pages took a lot out of me, because if you'll notice, this middle panel has nine fucking people in it!!! And trust me, I double-checked heights, I mocked that panel up in 3D. It's good enough! Don't give me shit, I've done my work, this many height differences are weird. Anyway, as of next week, I'll have made 365 pages! One page every day! I'm gonna go buy my new car tomorrow! Which is wild, because I've never had a new car. I plan to baby it like my current car, whose headlight I had to replace yesterday and whose oxygen sensor is giving me shit. But hey, regular maintenance got that car through 12 years and it's still very reliable, so I think I did right by it. I managed to knock off a handful of comments yesterday, but I'll get through some more today :). I'll never be done because I'm not motivated enough to go through them for very long. There may come a day soon when I'll have to cut back and just respond to a handful and generally moderate things without replying, though. It was easy when I only got 10 comments on a page :D.