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A normal alpha on alpha werewolf interaction.
Posted September 5, 2018 at 1:59 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails! Maybe they'll be decipherable or maybe they're just stick figures yay! Initially when writing this scene, I thought it'd be easier to have Malaya already at her home and not involved, but that seemed kind of weird. "Peace guys, I'm not involved in this anymore!" On the one hand, she does live closer to where they were practicing fighting each other, so going home would make sense. On the other hand, Mal isn't the kind of person who just leaves other people to finish things, so it makes more sense that she'd stick around to make sure Ginger was okay before...getting Elias to give her a ride home because she can't drive lol. But, I wanted Sara in this scene too, because she's the one who would ultimately get a say in how to handle Ginger. (Also, because this helps set up with what happens with Sara in the next chapter.) So, in the end, I figured "let's let Sara and Malaya meet already and get it over with" because why not. Elias spends the first part of the comic making it clear that Sara is terrifying, though obviously she's not! She's just an intimidating and take-charge kind of person. Malaya's never met another alpha (though Mal's alpha status is a little iffy...she's an alpha by nature of being the only werewolf in a pack of humans, and now Elias is also there lol), so her being freaked the hell out is really fun for me :). On a side note, I really like writing Malaya. Sometimes I forget that she's made any progress from the beginning, because it feels like she's still freaked out by everything, but she has. Initially her character came off as somewhat standoffish and defensive, and she's softened up a bit while still not taking shit from people. I think I've made Mal a bit more timid over time as she's gotten more and more overwhelmed by all this werewolf stuff, but I always try to put myself in her shoes when I'm writing, and I guess I'd be freaked the fuck out more than anything. She's powering through, though. Okay, I'm off to try and focus on getting the next pages done. I've gone from having a fairly boring week to having multiple friends visit from out of town this weekend, so apparently I need to free up a Saturday and most of Sunday O_O. Damn, it's hard being popular >:)