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A Shop-Vac is everyone's best friend.
Posted September 17, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Elias waving his arms around I guess?

The last handful of pages totally spoiled me, because now I'm stuck with four people and a dog on these pages X_X. But I managed! I did it! I forgot that Sara was passed out in a totally different room on the last page of the last chapter, so I guess she was in a guess bedroom upstairs. I couldn't have fit everyone into that room anyway.

I had to think for awhile what the safest way for a witch and a werewolf to get that much wolfsbane cleaned up if there wasn't a convenient river nearby, and I decided a Shop-Vac would be most useful. (A Shop-Vac is a small industrial vacuum that can suck up everything from sawdust to water in your basement. They're quite neat. I need one, tbh.)

I hadn't drawn Elias in a few pages, at least not awake, and thus I've forgotten how to draw him entirely. Again. It happens all the time. Malaya is the only character who I can draw without fail. I also threw down last week for a new Surface Pro tablet! Because I need a tax write off anyway! It's sort of weird to actually invest in my "business", but I thought it would be nice to be able to work anywhere. I admit that I struggled through inking this page on it. I usually use a Wacom Intuos tablet with my PC. One hand is on my tablet pen, the other is on my keyboard to undo and copy and paste and whatnot. The tablet is a little bit harder to finagle. There are on-screen keyboards you can get to use as hot keys, I just haven't explored that quite yet. But overall, I'm glad I purchased it. It was nice to watch Golden Girls on the couch and ink all day.

I'll have a video of the Chapter 10 cover image progress up soon. I've not had the mood or time to do it this week.