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All the answers are wrong
Posted October 10, 2017 at 2:19 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a somewhat spoilery panel from tomorrow's page! It's not a big spoiler, because I'm sure you've guessed what's waiting by the tree already. Or, vote and then just click away and don't look at that panel! But vote anyway because it will make me happy. I am very sleepy! And I have a meeting with a graphic design client at 1pm and I haven't eaten breakfast and I'm in my pajamas, but that's okay. And I have to color the backgrounds for tomorrow's page and finish the cover for the first issue and I've got two commissions to get to and I have a thing on Saturday and my friend is coming into town soon...DAMN, too much life. I would take a break, but I can't really afford to right now. I will later, though. The end of the month is less bananas, so that'll be nice. And then Winter comes, and no one where I live leaves the house because it's cold outside. Winter is the earth's way of telling you, "why don't you stay put for six months?" and you answer back, "Yes, please...but also I don't want to shovel the sidewalk." Because you never want to shovel the sidewalk, it's the worst. Anyway, for a professor, I never really show Maria working. (I have too many MA- names in this comic.) Thus, when I went to set up this page, I realized I had a really good excuse to show her doing stuff, and also this meant I didn't have to draw more legs than necessary, which is not really hard but sometimes it's nice to have small reprieves here and there. I know Vincent usually comes across as kind of deadpan and blank, but he really does love his family...his scale of emotions just rather muted lol. I think he tends to gravitate more towards his mom, especially since he's studying biology like she did, and Malaya leans more towards her dad due to their connection through the coffee shop. Over time, I think I've sort of reflected this in everyone's general energy levels. Malaya has ended up being a little firey, a little anxious, but not too easily freaked out, and I think those traits show in her dad in the limited amount of time I've had to show him lol. Okay, I have a million things to get done today (yay Tuesday!), but I'll try and get comments answered later today or tomorrow depending on how my day goes :)