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You smell!
Posted October 4, 2017 at 1:38 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the very goofy thumbnails from this week's pages. The fashion poses turned out adorable in scribble form. Let's get back to the plot! Like, waaaaay back to the plot. Page 3 or so. A lot of storytelling basics are ingrained in my brain from years of watching movies and reading books and taking screenwriting classes...but traditionally, when you want to make something significant, you follow the rule of threes: 1) introduce it, 2) bring it up as a significant reminder, and 3) use it in some way that furthers the plot. So here ya go! Introduced that she had a camouflage spell in the first chapter, use it in the 5th chapter to lead us to the creepy house, and then now...the spell is gone, so something significant has changed. Yay! Or maybe not yay? But regardless, let's advance some plot. Anyway, we're very close to the end of chapter 7 now! I've rearranged the last part of this chapter multiple times...and who knows, I might rearrange it again. I'm still thinking. I have to sit down and see what order works best, but I have a few more pages before I really have to make a decision. I think I like the way I have it now, but if this were a movie, I'd cut all of it for time...does that make sense? Anyway, your author makes a lot of last minute decisions, but it works out for the best, so don't worry about it. I always run into issues at the end of chapters, because my brain has to process when the best time to address various things is, and what parts of the story won't work later on but still need to be covered...it's fun! The end of chapters is always a challenge. It wouldn't be that hard, but Chapters 5 and 6 kind of blew up in terms of page count, and I'm not good at trimming things down now lol. I'm sleepy and fall makes me feel cozy and lazy, but I'm going to try and blast through a bunch of stuff today so I'm prepared when my friend swings through town for a few days next week :). I try to work ahead, but man, I'm not good at it. Somehow, having the extra time available means everything takes longer O_O.