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Be sure to place your humans down gently
Posted June 4, 2019 at 1:23 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see a cool panel of Malaya being cool from tomorrow's page! 

I'll be at Indy PopCon this weekend at table 838 in Indianapolis! Come see me if you're around. I have some prints I made of the cover of Chapter 8 with Ginger falling towards the wolf's mouth that I don't plan to sell because the quality isn't up to snuff. I have three of 'em, so if you come see me and remind me, I'll give you one for free! They're not bad, I just don't feel like I like them enough to sell.

Or, if you'd like a very good quality print, go check out the stuff I have up at Hivemill! You can get my favorite chapter covers printed in giant 11x17 format as they should be.

Sorry this page is up a bit late! I had to add a ton of speed lines and dick around with the colors forever, as per usual. I think Ginger setting Vincent back on the ground is one of my favorite panels in a long time. I'm sure by now, Vincent would be getting tired of holding up Elias on his back that long, but you know...this is fantasy, and the boy has good core muscles. He's fucking ripped under all those sweaters he wears. He only has like, another four pages to hold Elias up anyway, so he'll manage. 

So far in this comic, I've made Ginger, Elias, and Vincent a damsel in distress to some degree, and kind of all of Aubrey's pack periodically, because I'm all about equality or whatever. Everyone gets to be vulnerable sometimes! Except Malaya, who's stepping up and kicking ass and overcoming her fears and protecting her weird little pack against all these new werewolves like a total boss.

Okay, I'm gonna go tend to this sinus headache and get myself looking human and shit. Yay!