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Posted November 15, 2016 at 12:57 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a non-werewolf Elias throwback from tomorrow's page! Hm, wonder why? Also, you can judge how hilariously far behind I am with tomorrow's page, which is very. Welp, Tim isn't the formidable opponent he might have appeared to be, but at the same time, a dogpile of inept werewolves has about the same mass as one normal werewolf, so this'll go back and forth for awhile. Also, Vincent might wanna pay attention there in the bottom panel. Maybe. And tomorrow, as you might guess from the voting incentive preview, is going to sliiightly switch gears. That image of Elias is actually the least spoilery thing on that page, so that's all I can do for now lol. Then, this chapter is going to get pretty rapid-fire after that, so enjoy the werewolf fight lull that we're in at the moment! A week later, and I can't say I still feel particularly hopeful for my country, and the sadness I felt on Wednesday has mostly settled into a pissed-off malaise. I've been listening to this song a lot, which is about the most cheerful tune about depression that I've heard in awhile, and I hope it gets popular! Regardless, if you're like me and feeling rather powerless in the face of a country that basically just told you your rights can go to hell, and our country is a better place when most of our friends are in potential danger of being hate crimed, then there are some things you can do! So far, I've called the representatives and senators from my state (Indiana), donated to Planned Parenthood in honor of Mike Pence, set up a monthly donation to the ACLU, and this week I'm going off to join my local chapter of the Democratic party. I've been to one of their meetings before, and I'm not gonna lie, it was boring as hell, but that's what politics mostly is. Usually. If you can find a way to get involved at a local level, I can guarantee the world will be better off for it. It's not exciting! But getting to know the people who run the little chunk of the world you live in is the best way to give yourself a voice when you feel powerless. I've personally met my US Representative (Pete Visclosky, whose secretary made a point of telling me not to be scared when I called yesterday, and that Pete's going to stand up for my rights just as he's always fought to do, yay Pete!), most of the mayors around my town, and my state representative who I don't like but it's fine. I've never met the mayor of my city, but I hate him, so it's cool. Anyway, call the people who have been elected to represent you in government, that's what they're there for. I hate making phone calls too, but they're paid to listen to your concerns. Keep it short, tell them you want them to stand up for women's rights, the rights of people of color, LGBT rights, etc. Whatever worries you. They'll get your name and address and then you're done. And if you're a fan of this comic, and not happy that I've turned things rather political in the last week, then please understand that I'm making a comic with a female main character, a majority female cast, characters who are mostly people of color and queer...this comic has always been political. I don't have to shout my feminist credentials from the rooftops to make it so. Actually, that's the whole point. Feminism and diversity politics don't always breeze in, chanting and getting in your face about the ills of the world. The best I have to offer is to normalize media that features characters who are queer, female, and people of color. Be the change you want to see in the world, write the stories you want to read. That's what I've always been told, so that's what I'm doing :). If you're on board, then you're helping me out. If you don't like my politics, you're free to find your werewolf fix elsewhere. I don't mind. So, after the shitshow that was last week's comments, I'm implementing a comments policy: -You have every right to comment whatever you'd like, but you're in my house. You're reading this off of server space I've paid for, and if I feel your comment is inappropriate for any reason, I reserve the right to not approve it or disapprove it. I will read your comment, regardless, but I'm not going to subject other people to your nonsense if I don't feel I should. -I will try and give everyone their fair shake. I'm not here to police thought. At the same time, if you want to keep commenting endlessly because I don't agree with you and you think I should, I'm going to kill your thread and subsequent comments of people who want to reiterate your points over and over again. -I don't mind if you use profane language because I do all the time, but if you resort to name calling, I'm going to disapprove or change your comment to something about how much you love kittens and how you hope unicorns are actually real and we've all been lying to you. -You're getting this comic for free, and I work hard on it. I don't know everything, but overall, rest assured that I generally know what I'm doing. I always invite people to point out errors in spelling or shit that I miss sometimes, like getting feet backwards. Normal mistakes that one might make if they've been, say, staring at the same page for 20 hours and their brain has fogged over. If your comment treats me like I'm an idiot, or you feel the need to needlessly explain shit to me like I'm dense as hell, I reserve the right to disapprove your comment. -I'm going to reply to your comment, unless I miss it, in which case I'm sorry. You're talking to me. I will probably respond in the nature of how your comment comes across. Keep that in mind. If you want to be a creepy weirdo, I'm still going to respond to you. I am a human being, and your comment doesn't exist in a vacuum. So, that's all I've got today! I wish I could say that I'm in a better mood, but I'll keep fighting to protect my rights, and hopefully other people will too. We'll be okay. I'm only on this planet until the average of 78 years. Only 47 more years to live, theoretically, and then I'm done with all this bullshit. I'm going to be a major pain in the ass in the meantime.