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Eggs and bacon
Posted March 22, 2017 at 1:36 pm
If you vote over at Top Web Comics, you can see the thumbnails from this week's pages! Also, I will love you forever. (Platonically.) A running theme in this comic is going to be Elias cleaning out Marin and Marisa's refrigerator on a regular basis. Dick move! Anyway, I've finally wrapped up this chunk of comic! We're done with the coffee shop for now! REJOICE! It's complicated to draw and hard to color! Next week, we'll find out where Elias is running off to, which is great because I get to draw something different :D :D :D I HAVE A PROPOSAL. So, I have to figure out exactly how far away I am from the shopping montage, but I've been contemplating an art contest for people to design outfits for said montage that would be featured in the comic. I'm thinking the deadline would be the end of May or so. The outfits that would go into the comic would have to be...normal? Like, outfits you could conceivably buy in a regular store. I mean, I'd promote the hell out of any artwork people send me, even if it had Elias dressed like an elf from Lord of the Rings or something, but only non-costumey outfits would end up in the comic, if that makes sense. The winners would be picked based on the outfits I like, not artistic merit, so even if you're not the most amazing artist in the world, you'd still have a shot if I think your design is cute :). The issue is, before I launch this thing, I want to know if people are even interested. If I wind up with three entries, that's not much of a contest :|. So, if you'd be interested in that contest idea, leave a comment and let me know! I'll be asking tumblr and twitter the same thing, so if I get enough positive feedback, I'll try and roll that contest out in the next few weeks with like, rules and whatnot.