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Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
Posted June 21, 2017 at 1:48 pm
First off, head over to TWC and vote to see the thumbnails from this week :). They are basically scribbly boxes, but they're happy looking? Ugh, this week's pages took foreeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrr. But they turned out super cool, so that's okay. Next week's pages are relatively easy by comparison. Keep note the outfits that Malaya and Elias pick out for themselves versus what Vincent and Marisa have picked out, because that'll be relevant lol. I think half my efforts on this page were just getting Elias's expression right in the last panel. Then, before posting this, I made him bigger because I decided you couldn't see it well enough. You can make up your own mind what it means, but he's obviously charmed as hell. (I apologize that I couldn't show the front of Malaya's dress in that shot, because there was some lacing, but the twirl looked cuter this way.) Also, Malaya and Vincent's sibling dynamic from childhood obviously continues into adulthood in that first panel. (He looks pissy even when he's being playful, which was hard to pull off.) Anyway, I know my comic tends to get left off the roster of LGBT comics, which I get. Marin is a lesbian, Marisa's bisexual (and somehow that'll be stated in the comic eventually, just gotta figure out...why?), Elias is gay, and Vincent is...nothing in particular. I think if you asked him to define himself somehow, he'd probably just stare at you til you left. He likes who he likes, and is unenthusiastic about everyone else. (Vincent and I share this.) But, because I'm finally far enough along into this comic that these weirdos can like, socialize and shit, I can finally start establishing this comic's LGBT rep a little more firmly. Considering this chapter is eventually going to get around to Marin and Marisa's origin story, well...that's pretty gay. As it should be. It'll be a little late for Pride month, but it'll be...Pride adjacent. In other news, my birthday is July 5th, and because that's a good excuse, I'll only be posting one page that week! I need a bit of relief from all these complicated pages lol. And I need to catch up on my to-do list because I'm behiiiiiinnnndddd.