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Internet fashion advice
Posted June 27, 2017 at 12:47 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a panel from tomorrow's page!...which I'm still plugging away on because drawing tiny shirts takes longer than expected. So, this page was inspired by my college roommate's friend named James. James was gay, and felt he had to look good, but one day he explained that he didn't actually understand anything about fashion, so he just bought all his clothes from Abercrombie because then at least he knew he'd look socially acceptable even if he didn't really get why. This was 10 years ago, so IDK where he's buying his clothes from now, but he was a fun guy. Ever since he told us that story, I was like...I have to use that somewhere. Luckily, it makes a lot of sense for Elias, who usually just dresses in tshirts and hoodies. In my mind, he dresses like a metrosexual lumberjack, but I don't think I've represented that reality all that well yet XD. Anyway, Vincent has all the fashion chops of this operation and I finally got to comment that women's fashion doesn't have shoulders anymore. It's my birthday on July 5th, so I'll only be posting one page next week to give myself a break/birthday present. I think the page will go up Wednesday, since that's when most people read anyway, and I assume the stateside folks will be celebrating on Tuesday. I'm hoping to go into Chicago to see the fireworks, so I won't be around much on Tuesday as it is :). In life news, I went to the Pride parade in Chicago on Sunday! It was...quite an event. I think a lot of people just show up because it's a big party that you don't have to wear a lot of clothes to. We were sandwiched between two groups of kids who were maybe in their 20s? Both groups were getting high out in the open, which seemed risky seeing as cops were everywhere, but okay. Then there was a straight couple next to us that spent the whole parade making out. (I suppose they could have been bisexual, but most of the bi folks were wearing bi flags and whatnot...and were paying attention to the actual parade. These two were just trying to climb each other.) We were across from a guy dressed as Spider-man and perched on top of a pay-for-parking machine, and another woman who had her shirt off and sort of jumped up and down the whole parade. It's interesting how desensitized you become to public nudity in that situation. I imagine she was kind of sore the next day, though. Also, there was a very large, tall man nearby wearing nothing but a thong and some beads, which...um, good for him, but I don't want to know that much about the topography of your ass, my dude. So, that was Pride. I cemented my place as the Mom Friend by bringing snacks and toilet paper, because I like to always be prepared. Next time, I'll bring some wet wipes for good measure >_>. I'm your Mom Friend.