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Posted February 3, 2016 at 11:25 am
TODAY IS MY ONE YEAR COMIC-VERSARY! WOOHOO! I'm gonna celebrate by getting my teeth cleaned, I guess, because I scheduled that six months ago. Clean teeth are nice. I have a hard time writing Vincent because he doesn't say much, and he's awkward as hell, but hides it by seeming like he doesn't care. I'm starting to figure him out better though! Which is good, because he's going to be featured so much more after this chapter O_O. One of the things I like best about this very slow, very deliberate weekly format is that it gives me a lot of time once a page is already completed to go back and look at the upcoming scripts and decide if I still like what's going to happen next. Aaaand I decided I hated the next two pages and changed them completely lol. Now I like them quite a bit. Like I said, I doubt myself a lot when I write Vincent, so having some extra time to look at my script and brainstrom different avenues has been super helpful. I'm not sure people got my rant about planning yesterday lol XD. I'm not against normal planning! Plan a vacation, plan for retirement, plan your day, etc. I'm mostly again The Plan, the good old media trope where we concoct some crazy ass scheme to "solve the problem", whatever the problem may be, and whatever information we need to do that is magically always available. Or there's a spare "hacker" around who can make some crazy bullshit out of nothing without years of testing and it works perfectly (or doesn't! DRAMA) and then the issue is solved! Next episode, rinse and repeat. You won't see any of that here because I think it's a terrible approach to writing and unnecessarily inflates the stakes in any given situation. Is hunting down a spell without a plan crazy dangerous? Not necessarily, I think. How would you make A Plan for that scenario when you don't know anything yet? This chapter, we're going on a fact finding mission. (Not a spoiler, since we've talked about this for like 16 pages now, and it's actually not the most important part of this chapter.) I don't think taking basic precautions really counts as A Plan, not in the way media normally does it. So that is my issue! Not all planning, not all plans, but the good old Plan (tm), complete with high stakes and putting everyone in danger for no reason! Hate it. If everyone on TV could never say the words "I have a plan!" ever again, I'd be so happy. Also I need everyone on TV to stop hanging up on people and actually say "goodbye" when using a phone. So rude, geez. And fucking call for backup! I don't care if you don't have time to call for backup, you totally have time to call for backup. Or bring backup with you, why are you out alone chasing bad guys??? Ugh, TV, why do you do this to me? On an unrelated note, having grown exhausted of all the shows I've been watching lately (I need more comedy because I keep watching dramas and they make me tired), I started watching bootleg episodes of Fixer Upper off of Youtube. Whoever encoded the episodes, besides the fact that the color is all fucked up (very soft looking, kind of glowy), the audio is juuuust a hair too slow. Like the whole episode got encoded at a lower speed than it aired. What makes it hilarious is that now, everyone either sounds really drunk and slurry, or they sound very depressed. Just, super over having to renovate houses and just tired of life. I think it adds an element to the show that I didn't know I was missing, honestly. Also, since they're all from Texas and don't speak particularly fast to begin with, I wonder if everyone were from some fast talking region (I mean, I feel like people talk pretty fast in Chicago, but IDK), if then this episode would just sound normal speed instead. In any case, the last episode I watched, they took a total shit hole filled with dead animals and turned it into a beautiful ranch house with a giant front porch, and that's what I'm here for. That is my jam.