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Plans are for chumps.
Posted February 2, 2016 at 12:17 pm
You guys are gonna get whiplash from all the weird style changes I've made since I started this comic, buuuuut you'll be fine. Probably. Long term neck pain aside. But yeah, I'm going for cell shading now, mostly because these pages have started taking longer and longer (and longer and longer). Couple reasons for that! I've gotten better at drawing, which means paying more attention to inking and details and whatnot, which means all that takes more time. Also, I've been trying to make the backgrounds better looking, which means that all takes longer. I'm kind of digging the cell shading approach, though. It looks clean and it helps keep everyone separate from the background. Yay! I wish I had more to say, but between this comic and my normal person job, I haven't stopped working in like, two weeks and I think I've disconnected from my body. But tomorrow is my ONE YEAR COMIC-VERSARY! That's a freaking milestone! That only I care about but OH WELL I MADE IT EVERYONE ELSE CAN GO TO HELL. One whole damn year! I'm working on art to celebrate, which should go up on tumblr tomorrow, and hopefully a little retrospective. We'll see! It's either that, or I'll be passed out in a corner until the cats eat me to survive. Positive thoughts! As far as this page goes, um, I apparently decided that this chapter is like, 90% setting up for what happens later on, but in two page increments. I wanted to make it clear that you can't be both a witch and a werewolf, and also that I hate when people in media insist on making plans all the damn time. "Everyone clear on the plan?" "Yeah!" "All right, let's move out!" "WOO!" I mean, come on. Yeah, you're gonna want to try and foresee some obstacles that you might run into, but who the fuck actually plans anything? Do other people go through their lives, and every time they encounter any problem at all, sit around and discuss as a group exactly how to overcome said problem? And it always goes off flawlessly? OR, for dramatic tension, ALL DOES NOT GO TO PLAN???? It's nonsense. Plans are nonsense. No one plans anything. You're always going to try and mitigate potential issues in your life (unless you cause them!), but I hate the method of writing where we encounter a villain, and then we make a detailed plan to fight them that must be executed flawlessly or we might all die. How do you know exactly everything that you're gonna do? You don't. You go in, try and do a thing, and hope it succeeds or at least doesn't fail completely. Just hold onto that rant, because it will be a recurring theme in this comic. This comic is basically a sad werewolf lady with anxiety, plus some people around her, and no one plans shit just like no one plans shit in real life. I'm gonna put that on the dust jacket when I print this.