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Posted June 28, 2017 at 3:11 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the scribbles that turned into this week's pages :). Also, let me know if you get a weird popup that stops you from being able to vote! TWC is working on it, but it seems to be messing up people on mobile. Sorry this page is a little late! I had a meeting this morning that ran over because I talk too much :). I'm going to do some marketing for an event to raise money women running for local offices, apparently lol. They need some help for sure, and hey, it's one more thing on the ol' resume, so that's cool. I kind of love this page! It's not the most like...blow-me-away artsy page ever, but the dialog pleases me so much. I've been trying to let this chapter breathe a little bit, to contrast with the much more action-focused Chapter 6, and it's nice to get some good character moments in. One thing I find interesting is I've had a couple people who, even at this point, are like...I don't know who some of these characters are? But up until this chapter, I haven't really needed anyone to know more about Marin and Marisa, for example. Or, say, the other werewolves in Aubrey's pack. It's not that they aren't important, but if I spill all my exposition guts right up front, I don't have anything for later when it makes more of a difference. I've been expanding on my writing process over on Patreon, but I'm very much okay with the idea of keeping people somewhat in the dark about supporting characters until they're needed. One post I wrote about was using your world building to put limits on your story that help create complications for your characters. I needed Marin out of the way in Chapter 6, because having her help Elias and Malaya against the other werewolf pack would have been too much muscle and created an imbalance. If you've got three full-power werewolves against five anemic werewolves, then you'll wipe the floor with them and the problem is over. But hey, in this chapter, I get to explain Marin's background and her relationship to Elias's mom and her relationship with Marisa...and then I have a really good excuse to find scenarios where a bit more muscle is a good thing. Writing! It's like a weird puzzle you make yourself! And the more pieces of the puzzle I give you now, the more the completed picture has impact later :). It's the difference between completing a 1000 piece puzzle and finishing a...10 piece puzzle. Anyway, I'll leave this here because my whole day is behind already. Note, there will only be one page next week, posted on Wednesday! We'll get back to a bit of shopping :). My birthday is Wednesday, so I am treating myself to a bit of a break for my 32nd birthday :D.