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Fashion Contest Winners :D
Posted June 1, 2017 at 8:53 pm
Hey everybody! Like I said, I've figured out the winners! (And because you love me, here's a reminder that voting has refreshed at TWC and I have no additional incentive, but it'd be cool if you help me out :D) First, thank you to everyone who entered my little contest, and I'm sorry I don't have enough pages to feature all of your awesome designs! Some themes I noticed is that you guys like cats, capes, crop tops, putting Malaya in green and Marin in red lol. Also, the idea that Marisa should give her girlfriend a cute necklace, which I'm here for, so good job guys! I'm going to try not to take too many liberties with anyone's designs, but a head's up that I won't be able to feature all of them head-to-toe and I'll probably have to default to the shoes they all wore to the mall lol. Also, the shopping montage portion of our chapter will be spread throughout, so if you don't see your design right away, don't worry. There's quite a bit of story that'll divide up our shopping adventures, but I'll shove them all in there somehow. I've started planning, but I'm lazy, so I'll make it work when the time comes :). (That's also how I got through college, and most of my past jobs.) Anyway, our winners (from left to right) are Katherine S., winnie_darling (Vincent), dragontaxi (Elias), hoothootmotherf-ckers (Marisa), Bianca J. (Malaya), Bethany (Marin and Marisa), Fritz Z., Nika (Vincent), afoxspainting (Vincent), Your Dog is on the Internet (Malaya), Krazy on Katnip (Marisa), Fox (Malaya), one-jaide (Malaya), Isabelle G. (Malaya), Abigail F. (Marin), and Cesya. Yay! My decisions were largely made based on designs that inspired little vignettes in my brain for the shopping montage, so if you didn't get picked, I still love you! And I'll try and feature as many of these, winners or not, in the print version as are of print quality to do so :). I have all the originals, so we're good. Okay guys, I'll see ya'll Tuesday! Thank you for entering my contest, and you should start seeing these pop up in the comic next month :D