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Ginger is also having a weird day.
Posted December 7, 2016 at 9:37 am
Today's voting incentive is the thumbnails for this page, so you can see how my ridiculous scribbles somehow turn into werewolves! There's a lot going on in this page, but don't worry, we'll hash out the results next week! Why is Ginger suddenly kind of flying upward? I don't know! We'll have to see! What's Tim gonna do? Well...probably try and bite Vincent again, because that's sort of his thing now, but we'll see! I decided that rather than Elias's more specific attacks, Malaya just elbows the shit out of people. I feel like if you don't really know what you're doing, elbows are pretty powerful and instinctual, so that's her thing. Also, poor Harvey has really taken a lot of hits to the guts. Good thing she's a werewolf! Maybe? Malaya is also a more heavy-weight kind of fighter. Elias goes for more targeted surface damage. I've been plowing through this comic and commissions and other illustration work like a beast lately, so I keep neglecting my real life. (Which in this current political climate is kind of preferable, but still.) So, I'm off to go drive my ass down to Indianapolis to visit my friend who's had a baby. Said baby isn't as much of a baby as he was when I said I'd first come down and see her. Oops. But today, I have carved out time and I'm going! My phone's loaded with podcasts, I've got presents packed in the car, and I'm gonna go to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast even though that's the slower route but I deserve donuts. I'll answer comments and stuff when I get home :D.