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So, I guess we're done fighting?
Posted December 13, 2016 at 1:01 pm
Vote at TWC and you can see a panel I really like from tomorrow's page! :D Quick reminder, I'm out of town most of next week, so there won't be pages next week! I'll try and post something, though. Pages will resume the 27th and 28th...which means I'm sending off the year on page 199. BOGUS. But, I'll be starting the year on page 200, so maybe that's better? It's hard to say. Well, I guess unless they want to fight a bunch of unconscious people, this fight is pretty much over! Hmmmm, drawn out fight causes injuries, injuries mean extra energy needed to heal and maintain werewolf forms, Connie wasn't happy that so much energy was going towards healing...IDK, I just have no idea where all this could be going! Also, Vincent is apparently done being awake and Tim is not done being awake, so that'll turn out well! That being said, the coloring on this page kicked my ass. I wanted to bring out Ginger's colors a bit more to give her focus, but that kind of messed with the palette for everything else. I think I fought it into submission though. That third panel has a lot going on, but that's how things go sometimes. Fun fact, this page and tomorrow's page were originally one page. Then I looked at my thumbnail for awhile and realized that I was trying to accomplish waaaaay too much in one page. Sometimes, that's fine. Especially if you're doing major time jumps (montage!), it's normal to have a page occasionally that tries to accomplish a lot of story in one go. But for my purposes, it also makes it harder to bring attention to specific story elements when so many things happen at once, and it throws off my pacing. I have to keep evaluating the plans for my pages because I'm almost done with this chapter, and I think my lizard hindbrain is like, get this shit dooooone. And the next chapter is mostly about lesbians, so I'm very excited as you can imagine. It's not even noon and Tuesday is kicking my ass. Actually, this whole month has been kicking my ass. My car has been in the shop twice, once for a crack in the radiator, and once because I reeeeally fucked up my tire on a pothole while driving home from Indianapolis. When you're two hours from home, you're going to just hope and pray that your tire is going to hold up, see. I wouldn't mind if I were anywhere near Chicago, but between me and Indianapolis is just...little weird ass towns filled with no one. It was a fun time. Plus, it finally started snowing the other day and I'm already over it. I like snow! My dog likes snow. It's pretty. But now I'm trapped in a fabric coffin of layers and layers of clothes until...March, probably. Summer is my season! Summer means wearing like, a dress and some sandals and you're done. Winter means wearing leggings under jeans and two pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves and a hat and a big coat and a scarf plus two shirts. It's a mess. I wear half my wardrobe every time I leave the house. I do not like being cold! I don't have a high enough percentage of body fat to go running around without layers. Give me a 100 degree summer day and that's my happy place. Only six more months til summer!