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Growing werewolves need calories.
Posted January 27, 2016 at 12:28 pm
I really like this page :D. Werewolf domestic moments! And before anyone bothers me about why he didn't also make bacon, well...bacon is hard to draw. And honestly, a little overrated, not gonna lie. I'm a vegetarian so I guess I'm not good at judging what meat tastes good. I would argue that "motherfucker" is one of the best words ever. (I trained my phone to recognize it.) It works as an insult that can either be taken seriously or teasingly, it works as a general exclamation of surprise or frustration (especially when I stub my toe), etc. I guess it is still a gendered insult, but I think it's pretty insulting to imply that someone has sex with their mother. Or their father! But fatherfucker doesn't have the same ring, really. Too much alliteration. Moving on, I'm thinking of opening a Patreon account so people can help me support this beast financially. It would be much appreciated if anyone would be interested in contributing! I'm not sure what incentives to offer, though. I'm thinking PDFs of the chapters, maybe also high-res PDFs of the chapters, because some details get really lost going from 600dpi to 72dpi. (I'd probably release them at 300dpi, because that's a bit more realistic size-wise.) Maybe for really upper tiers, I might be able to offer commissions, but I'd hate to make that promise and then realize I'm kind of fucked to get stuff done. (Plus if I'm gonna make a commission, I'd like to also be able to share it on tumblr. I need all the good press I can get.) I enjoy doing art critiques and red lining people's art (generally showing where I might change stuff or fix small things), so I was thinking that might be a good option if people would be interested. (Art lessons! Woo!) Livestream is kind of off the table, because I don't think anyone wants to watch me work in fits and starts on inking these pages for like, ten hours. I don't work straight through, so I can't imagine that would be interesting. I could do tutorials on comic making! I think after 100+ pages I have some insight to offer. Anyway, suggestions please! Next Tuesday is my one year comic anniversary! YAY! I'm trying to finish some art to celebrate. We'll see what happens, because I picked up a bunch of shifts at work like an idiot and now I'm somewhat screwed for time! Woo!