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Harvey has a very interesting approach to finding solutions
Posted February 20, 2019 at 12:31 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see some thumbnails from this week and last week to see how we got to these pages!

So, there actually always has been a garage behind the creepy house, I just usually avoided drawing any angle where you could see it. (I think maybe in some early pages, I drew parts of it, though who knows if it looked like this.) So now it's canon, there is a garage behind the house. There are two pages in Chapter 6 where you should be able to see at least a shadow of this garage, so I'll probably go through and add those in when I'm revising those pages for print. I had planned for a garage in the black and white pages and just forgot by the time I was drawing werewolf fights :p.

But anyway, Harvey doesn't like to sit idly by and assume someone else will figure things out. Also, I just wanted to draw someone with a machete. 

This page turned out pretty good! I fought for awhile with it, because initially the colors came out WAY too dark. I think I color everything too dark, or perhaps it's just that the colors change by the time I get to Photoshop. That just gives me an excuse to layer a bunch of colors on top of everything until it looks cohesive, so it's fine.