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Posted August 14, 2018 at 2:02 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the only panel from tomorrow's page that cropped well! WELP, this week's pages kicked my ass. I was expecting to have most of Monday off, because I had started working on these early last week, but it turns out when you've got this many people on one page, your time just kind of goes to hell. I've also been dicking around with coloring again, though I sort of fell back into something that mostly still looks like how I normally do shading, but after enough random overlay layers, this page ending up coming together in a way that I really like, so that's cool. If you ever want to know how coloring a comic page works, it mostly ends up being "make something that looks kind of okay, and then add enough layers on top to make the colors jive." I had a hell of a time coloring anything when I started this comic, which is why it started out in black and white. Moving to color in Chapter 6 was goddamn terrifying, honestly. I think I've come to a place where I feel pretty confident with my coloring skills, but I know they'll always lag behind my drawing skills somewhat. I mostly just roam around on Pinterest, hoping that I can take in coloring skills via osmosis. In other news, I think my search for a car ended up okay! My sales guy is pretty young, maybe early 20s, so he wasn't as intimidating as all the older dudes just sitting around on their phones, and he was eager to make a sale. It's nice that he was eager, because I wanted someone to actually try and sell me a car, which he did! I still have to go in and do the paperwork, but I landed on Hyundai's hybrid hatchback, the Ioniq. It actually came out cheaper than their Subaru-looking Kona, and I fit much better and have better visibility. Plus, it gets 60 mpg. Gas is pretty cheap where I live right now, so the Ioniq hasn't been that popular, but considering the fancy second battery comes with a lifetime warranty, I feel pretty good about going with this car. And they found me a blue one and gave me a good deal without much hassle. And hey, just in time because my current car has a headlight out and the check engine light came on. (I can replace the headlight bulb myself, it's very easy on my car, but I suspect the engine light is due to an oxygen sensor that's been going bad for years now.) So yeah. It's weird to think I might finally throw down for my first new car ever at 33. (I don't generally believe in buying new cars, or buying cars in general, but I feel okay about it at this price tbh.) I've tried chipping away at my comments, but I'm still working on it! Wordpress thinks I'm a spam bot when I reply too quickly to too many comments, so it gives me errors and makes things difficult. And there are a lot of comments, which is super cool! But I'll get 'em all eventually.