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Hey, it's that guy.
Posted February 24, 2016 at 12:21 pm
First things first, I have a Patreon account! If you want to do me a huge favor and throw some money my way, I'll try and make it worth your while! If you contribute $5 or more, I've been adding the 300 dpi versions of the pages, so you can see it with better detail. So, our trip through the forest got a little weird! NBD, it's just a ghostly magical version of Tim. Juuuust hangin' out. Also, Marisa has a lot of opinions about werewolves vs witches. Her and Elias have a fun, antagonistic relationship that I really enjoy writing. He's a pretty laid back guy, and I think pissing her off is like a hobby for him. Mal isn't sure what to think of it yet. I have drawn so many trees for this comic. I've drawn more trees than people. I'm getting pretty good at it, at least! I've been making an effort to try and work ahead for the upcoming weeks because I'll be out of town the second week of March. It's not going well so far! I work my butt off, but somehow everything is still lagging a bit. I'm trying to find the breakdown in my production stream, but all I can figure is that I've been pushing the pages a little farther every time, and the results are great! But the workload has increased. Oops. Sooooo I shouldn't have a problem getting the pages up for the second week of March, but I'm not sure about the week after that. We'll see. Because I get home on a Saturday, which would only leave me with Sunday/Monday to finish two pages, and that's impossible. I've done it before, I'm sure I can manage to do it again :p. I've also been looking into publishing this comic through Comixology! The submission guidelines are a damn mess, so we'll see how this goes. Apparently it can take quite awhile. I'm thinking it might end up being an after-vacation problem vs a right-now problem. All right, off to watch The Daily Show and eat bagels and watch the fuckton of snow that's coming down outside. (Ugh, I'm so over snow. I'm so done with winter all together.)