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Malaya isn't a fan of her neighbor.
Posted March 1, 2016 at 12:19 pm
If you've contributed $10 or more to my Patreon, you've already seen an early version of this page. (And I'll be putting up tomorrow's finished page there today, because...I forgot to put up the in progress version. Oops.) And since I've been working ahead so much this week, seeing as I'll be out of town next week, you'll probably be seeing a lot of things early! I'll also be posting up various incentives this week. Patreon is kind of an awkward system, because people get charged on the first, but you can technically skip out whenever and not get charged? But you still get access to things in the meantime? I'm not really sure how to work around that. But whatever! Just help me out, guys. (It's worth noting that as someone who worked in graphic and web design for most of my adult life up til now, Patreon as a website is kind of a clusterfuck. And not compatible with Chrome? Who the hell did you people hire? Oh well.) Note, I'm out of town next week! I can still reply and approve comments, but it might take me longer because I'll be doing it from my phone. And I'll be in Los Angeles, so there's a high probability that I'll be at Disneyland riding Space Mountain until I die. Or at the beach. Or hanging out with the majority of my friends who all live there still. It's raining here in the Chicago area and I want it to not be doing that. I would also like it to be like, 80 degrees outside and humid, with everything blooming and the trees all leafy...but that's a month away if not two, soooooo a vacation will have to do in the meantime. Sooooo it turns out Tim has been taking trips to the local woods. The woods that are behind Mal's house, unfortunately. (What other woods would we be in, really?) Also, Elias is setting up for our discussion about crazy werewolf stuff on tomorrow's page, so look forward to that! Or, join my damn Patreon and you'll get to see it today. Oooooh. I finally left the house last night to actually engage in human interaction (I've been stuck inside a lot with the snow, and working ahead, etc), and I finally got to see Deadpool! Damn good movie. I've read the comics off and on since I was in high school, so it's cool to see people really engaging with such a neat character. (Even if he was created by Rob Liefeld. Ugh.) Okay, I'm back to drawing werewolves all day! I'm inking the comics for next week today, and I'm already started in on the pages for the week after that, sooooo hopefully we're going to be okay. Things might be posted a bit late, but hopefully not :).