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Loud screams mean only good things probably
Posted August 8, 2018 at 1:43 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see the thumbnails for this week and next week! I don't know how much you'll puzzle out from next week's scribbles, but it's fun to try! I really like this purple cloud headspace that Mal has going. The other times Malaya has transformed back from this werewolf form, it's been because her family is there to ground her again, and I wanted to make it clear that she needs to find that connection to her pack inside of herself if she ever wants to transform back and forth in the future. But, given that peace never lasts toooo long in this comic, you don't get to gently reconnect with your human side without something coming along to mess up your werewolf meditation time. Wonder who's screaming? Man, I can't wait to finish this last part of the chapter, because it's a big change. Well, a medium change to the story, but big for all involved. Okay, I gotta go get my life together and get dressed. I'm test driving a car today (the Hyundai Kona, which I like the look and size of), but I usually get summarily ignored at car dealerships, even with an appointment. There's something about a young looking tiny woman coming in, driving a 12 year old car that just doesn't scream "you're going to buy something!" And like, yeah. If you're not going to tell me anything about the car or attempt to negotiate with me, then I guess I won't be buying a car. My back up plan is that there are two other dealerships I've contacted in Illinois (one that actually HAS the exact trim I'm looking for), and if I'm too lazy for that, my uncle in Mississippi will help me buy one from the dealership they go to when I visit for Christmas. That's...probably my most positive option so far. SIGH. Women buy over 60% of cars in the US and make the majority of household purchasing decisions, but ya know. I guess we don't really need to drive.