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Let's table this problem for now. Clearly you're all very busy.
Posted April 16, 2024 at 12:02 pm

Vote over at TWC and you can see Abigail trying to navigate things 

I accidentally made Tom's shorts shorter, but that's fine. He's got the thighs for it. He would obviously be extremely hairy, but I don't have time to draw all that body hair over and over again, so just assume it's there lol. He's too much of a naturalist to shave his legs while living in the woods.

Every time I try to make a legitimately intimidating villain for this comic, I feel like my goofy side comes out and we end up in this territory again. I think part of the problem is I don't think there are that many villains out there like we see in fiction, really. There are serial killers and sociopaths and terrifying manipulators and abusers, but I don't know how I'd fit that into this narrative. Most people are mundanely evil, or selfish, or just really annoying and demanding and careless. They aren't wantonly destructive so much as they just kind of suck and you have to figure out how to navigate that. Making a whole story about werewolves also complicates things, because you either have to lean into the animalistic nature of the whole werewolf thing, and really play it up so it all comes down to like, trying to tear each others' throats out for revenge constantly while fighting some sort of unruly inner wolf, or you have to play up the werewolf versus human werewolf hunter idea. I just think that eventually you hit a wall with either of those options, because you have to keep ramping up how comically evil your antagonists are, and somewhere along the line, your protagonist werewolves are also doing so much fucked up stuff that it's like, am I rooting for anyone here? So I chose deliberately to keep the stakes less insane when I started writing HTBAW. I wanted it to be more about the human aspect of also being a giant hairy monster and the complications of that. There's a lot more story to be derived from "one side of me has these wants and needs, and the other side of me has these wants and needs, and I am stuck working within a system that keeps all of us from destroying each other."

Anyway, I also just wanted a cute moment between Casey and Isaac lol


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