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Werewolves talk good
Posted August 7, 2018 at 2:46 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can see a cuddly panel from tomorrow's page :D Uuuuuugh this page took forever to finish. I'm trying to apply the Coco Chanel theory of looking in the mirror and taking one thing off before you leave the house, but with art (and with less antisemitism...I'm not actually sure why we're still cool with Chanel tbh.) I always go through a whole damn cycle before I like a page, which means I try a multi-colored background and hate it, I try putting on a couple overlay layers to change up the colors and hate it, blur out the backgrounds in a few different ways and hate it...and the final answer is always to tone all my stuff down and keep it simple. But I can't just land there! I have to go all over the place first. The last page was much more blue-green, which made sense because Marin was the main focus and she's wearing blue-green, which contrasts nicely with all that yellow. This page is more focused on Malaya, so it made sense to shift the color scheme to purple. One day, I'll just like, DO this stuff from the get go instead of having to spend forever color correcting, but it's fine. I'm getting there. Color and I will forever be enemies. Werewolves can talk! A little. I decided to throw back to when Malaya first appeared as a giant werewolf in Chapter 3 and went hunting for Elias, which is the only other time she's talked in this form. (I even dug up the same font.) I like the idea that they can talk, but it's not easy. I don't know how anyone could have a whole conversation with a muzzle, but you could approximate the sounds. (Like when my cat says "no no no no no no" when she's constipated.) Someone last week was wondering if Mal was concerned about having hurt everyone, because that's her trigger issue, which I forgot to come back to! At this point, I was only thinking of how frustrated she was with not changing back, so shout out to whoever mentioned that because it made this page much better :). Sorry, I haven't had time to go through and answer all the comments from last week, but I'll get on that here soon. (You guys kind of blew up my comments last week, which I expected because tall Marin is very exciting.) I know there was also some confusion with everyone's relative heights, so I figured it would be good to have a panel for clarification. Sometimes, I ignore what height people are supposed to be if it makes the panel look better as far as composition goes. Marin is a bit taller than Malaya here, though not as drastic of a difference as when they're humans. Okay, I'm off into the ether to try and relax for a little while. I ended up with a very busy week full of political and community events, so I guess I should like...rest up for all that or whatever.