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Love your fluffy girlfriend
Posted August 1, 2018 at 2:05 pm
Vote over at TWC because it's the first of the month and it would make me really happy aaaaaaaaah! You can see thumbnails from this week's pages because that's all I have to offer. I think more than drawing werewolves fighting, I like drawing them doing basically anything else. Like running up to their tiny girlfriend, or stalking Elias and looking concerned. I love drawing Mal as a werewolf, because she's squat and beefy and fluffy, and all that black fur against the white eyes is visually very cute. I only care about cute werewolves. I mentioned in the comments here and there, but I wanted each of them to approach transforming a little differently. Elias is all about speed and efficiency. Changing back and forth isn't a big thing for him, he just sort of lets the werewolf thing melt on and off of him. Marin transforms more gradually, but it's not really a struggle. She just fucking loves being a werewolf, so she's comfortable at whatever stage she's at. Mal struggles changing into this form, and still kind of fears it, and struggles to get out of it again. She only figured out this transformation was even an option like, a few months ago. It's all still very new and doesn't feel like it's part of her yet. I also probably drew her slightly too tall here, but I don't care, I just like to emphasize height differences when she's all werewolfy. Okay, I'm off into this wild Wednesday. I have to go canvassing for a local candidate this afternoon unless they forget to call me, which would also be great because I'm tired.