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When you think you look really cool
Posted July 31, 2018 at 2:49 pm
Vote over at TWC and you can seeeeee Marin all wolfy from tomorrow's page! Which you kind of get here, but she's mostly wolfy tomorrow. Everybody was werewolf fight-ing...Whatever choices I made here are mostly based on 1) what was fastest to draw, 2) what looked cool, and 3) what fits in any given panel clearly. By all means, construct a fun narrative about what each of these panels mean, but I...didn't really construct that narrative myself, so it's mostly going to be serendipitous. I'm just a person who sits around drawing all day, and I don't have time or a fighting expert on hand to construct a fight scene, character by character, based on each person's strengths and motivations. So like, don't...nitpick me to death here. Complaints or criticisms will be roundly ignored, because I'm not getting paid a living wage for this yaaaaaay. Something that I've discussed at length with the few friends who are willing to let me ramble about my story for way too long is that this story is about werewolves, buuuut it's also not. Werewolves are just the convenient device onto which I'm hanging a story about a woman coming to terms with who she is, what she's really capable of, and learning to not be afraid of herself. I could have substituted werewolves for any other creature, or a creature of my own imagination, but werewolves worked best. People are already willing to suspend disbelief for cryptids we're raised with. Why doesn't a werewolf transforming into a larger, stronger being not break the laws of physics? What the fuck is happening with their DNA structure? Why would biting a human suddenly let them transform into a giant human/wolf hybrid? Doesn't matter! We're all willing to accept werewolf as is, because we're raised with a certain set of "rules" for this narrative and don't feel the need to inherently question what makes literally no sense whatsoever. It looks cool, and people like that. It's a basic "man vs self" narrative, remixed with "man vs nature" for a cool twist. But at the end of the day, this will never be a story as much about werewolves as probably most stories about werewolves, because "werewolves" isn't a story. Harry Potter is a story about a kid who finds out he's a wizard, but it's really about people rising up against encroaching fascism. Wizards become the thing the narrative hangs on, but it's not the narrative, because "wizards exist" isn't a narrative. Star Wars isn't about "we're in space!" because "space!" isn't a narrative, but the war between good and evil and jockeying for political power is. But here are my werewolves, they are fighting and it looks neat! If they were fighting nonstop for 359 pages, you'd probably have peaced out 325 pages ago.